Since 2 weeks ago I came here as a visitor and staff of our taipei-based office, I’ve been understanding difference between partners living in mainland China and we raised in homeland Taiwan, especially in attitudes to OUR job.  
I asked others whether it is ok, and they answered me to get used to these ‘situations’ and find another way to dance with them (not administrate them, nor control them.)  I was truely shock becouse …, ok, I know that I’m a serious man and that maybe have a little self-motivated, but I do need a period to get used to their attitudes. Maybe at end of June I would see those as natural things and don’t feel ugly to these attitudes. ( Is it a good thing for me as I back to Taipei?)
Let’s talk about another topic.
Days ago we went to one local shop to enjoy a feet-massage service. It was an excellent experience for me but a terrible one for another partner because he always shout on Shi-Fu (a skilled professional ) for hurting him, almost screming !!! haaaaa … ( Shi-fu and he said he has problems on digestive system for years.) 
Bacause of bans of political control, people is restrcted to voice their personal opinions to political affairs in public, but it’s an upside-down in private. As we were enjoy in the services, Shi-Fu asked us where we came from? Of cause Taiwan is the only option. And one of those Shi-fu said that free rights and political reforms are inevitable for China. (Hope God!!!  we are not willing to discuess political aganda !!! I said to myself.) But my partners said that just take it easy, and it’s no longer a problem here. Those Shi-fu came here from Shichung for a better income to raise their children and they said that as they knew the news they phoned back immediately. But communications equipments were heavily damaged in their home. 2 days later they had connacted their family and received that families are all fine, except houses. For those rescue reactions they have better satisfactions to CCP and PLA, even if more achivements would be done if officals accept foreign helps earilier.
Contrast to opinions to China, they felt those are better in Taiwan. They are open to presidents of Taiwan, including Chiangs, Lee, Chen, and present president Ma. They all think that cross-strait war is almost an impossible consequence unless independence was declared. But they saw Chen as a stupid child and confused that why Chen was elected and re-elected as president of Taiwan. For Lee, they are positive to him because his administrations, liberity reforms, as a mirror to Chinese officials, and achievements of Ku-Wan Talks in 1992. For Chiangs, they have complicated feelings because they were not only Mao’s rivals but good masters who equipped Taiwan as a modern country in 60s and 70s, while China was crazy in Great Leap Forward movements and Cultural Revolutions for almost 15 years.
And Shi-fu said that this Shichung earthquakes was truely a lesson for officials and residents, and a new chance for Taiwanese businessmen and administratives because of our donations which are over those come from the so-called Chong-Kou-Ren. They said that previous hostility toward us should be loosen or corrected, especially at this moment.
As we left the shop and back to our residence we exchanged our opinions for recent affairs and personal business. We all agreed that re-open is good for us, not only in economy improvements, but also in global status for all of us, and yes, for Taiwan. 

About alwayscola18

*Always be misunderstood. *Majored in business administration, but contributing to satisfaction of primary living needs. *Prefer to speak out, and enjoy silence. *A Mandarin speaker, but not a grand-China nationalist; a Hokkien dialect speaker, but not an aggressive grass-root activist; an English reader, but not negative to my homeland; a baby Christian, but not a confrontationist to the God of earth. *With personalities of patience, cleverness, discernment, toleration, self-confidence, and friendliness.
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