Yes! I Do!

今天經過捷運忠孝敦化站時,發現台北 101 打出答應求婚的字 …
之前有看過相關的報導,打一次要上百萬元,實在是好野人的求婚利器 …
真不知道第一個打字上去的情侶是誰,那應該會成為台北的新聞焦點吧 … 哈哈!
anyway,拋開現實不談,那應該也是挺浪漫的 …
拍了些照片,但實在跟這相機還不熟 … 拍的不是很好,就別笑我了 …
我也正在學習怎麼用呀 …

About alwayscola18

*Always be misunderstood. *Majored in business administration, but contributing to satisfaction of primary living needs. *Prefer to speak out, and enjoy silence. *A Mandarin speaker, but not a grand-China nationalist; a Hokkien dialect speaker, but not an aggressive grass-root activist; an English reader, but not negative to my homeland; a baby Christian, but not a confrontationist to the God of earth. *With personalities of patience, cleverness, discernment, toleration, self-confidence, and friendliness.
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