Keep Walkin’

Keep Walking …

我自己把它當作自己 MSN Spaces 的 subtitle ,怎麼之前一直作一些違反這個標語的事呢?

腦子一直迴盪著一句歌詞:那痛苦的記憶 落入春的泥土裡 滋養了大地 開出下一個美麗的花季 … ( 我不知道有沒有記錯,也不知道是誰的歌詞,只是之前一直想著這幾句話,真的寫得很好 … )

我決定把寫好的紙給撕了,自己不能一直困在那泥臼裡 … idiot !!


About alwayscola18

*Always be misunderstood. *Majored in business administration, but contributing to satisfaction of primary living needs. *Prefer to speak out, and enjoy silence. *A Mandarin speaker, but not a grand-China nationalist; a Hokkien dialect speaker, but not an aggressive grass-root activist; an English reader, but not negative to my homeland; a baby Christian, but not a confrontationist to the God of earth. *With personalities of patience, cleverness, discernment, toleration, self-confidence, and friendliness.
本篇發表於 Feeling。將永久鏈結加入書籤。


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