what is ‘terrorism’ ?

今天又去爬文,發現了一段話,不知是湊巧還是怎樣,竟然也是提到有關 ‘terrorism’ 的東西,這不禁讓我想起某校的傳理老師曾問大家說:什麼是 ‘terrorism’?我在心裡答說:’the widely accepted beliefs or the most correct rule in an enemy’,不過老師後來卻說,這只是 name-calling 法的運用,Islam = terrorism 在 911 事件後被確立,可是卻又缺乏明確的定義 … 大家想想,孫中山不就是滿清的恐怖份子嗎?華盛頓不就是英國殖民時期的恐怖份子嗎?…。今天,我在書裡面找到ㄧ個很妙的解釋:
Notice that the word ‘terrorism’ is itself vague in that the boundaries of what counts as terrorism are fluid and the meaning of the term remains contested. Public discourse about terrorism often involves trading on equivocation about the meaning of ‘terrorism’. As the cliche goes, one person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.
怎說呢?今天又看到 democracy,字面意義大家都會翻,但又有誰想過更深層的意義呢?
Fallacies !!!!!

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