If the primary duty and concern of a corporation is to make money, then conflict is inevitable when the corporation must also acknowledge a duty to serve society.”

From your perspective, how accurate is the above statement? Support your position with reasons and/or examples from your own experience, observations, or reading.


I consider that primary duty of making money and serving society for corporation are both important nowadays. In this global village, every person, government, organization and corporation has the same responsibilities for all human, lives and environment to be better than past.

Although making money is the basic duty for a corporation to her stockholders, mother state or local government, and employees, a corporation leader must take the corporation’s impression into account. Because it is an information-filled world and every happened thing will be known quickly by Internet; what she did would be an impression to the world and then influence decisions of others’ to a corporation whether to corporate with or not. In another words, the impression of a corporation will affect her profit.

It was, autumn of 2005, a virus, Bird Flu, that was feared by most biologists and doctors that it would mutate a new and fatal virus that infect human by person to person. At the moment, a drug, Tamiflu, could control the virus’ spread. But the drug’s patent right had been held by Roche AG Corporation, yet her output couldn’t meet the needs ordered from most nations. By the way, some nations asked for a permission of co-producing the drug to prevent the outbreak of the virus’ mutation.

By my thought, if she contributed the drug’s patent right to WHO, she would win for her universal esteem. Even if she gain no money from this transference, but I believe that this name– Roche AG—will have a good note in history.

And if she didn’t do that, she would gain a large amount of immoral money and a bad label in history. That isn’t a good condition for surviving of every enterprise.

In conclusion, I regard concern of making money and a duty to serve society as the same things. They won’t be conflicted. They depend on each other and stand together. If a corporation didn’t gain enough money for her stockholders, mother state or local government, and employees, she would be just a ghost. But if she gained money in immoral tricks or irregular ways, she couldn’t be called something better than ghost.



有些錯誤~明天再自己改改看 …. 


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