A story–Urban Myth

From someone’s forward…
Today Christian told us a story called "Urban Myth". I think the story is pretty cool. He told us remember the story and try to tell another person so that we can practice English. Here is the story…

Susan and Martha are roommates, they share a dorm in college. There will be a mid-term test tomorrow, and every body were busy about it. Susan decided to study with her classmates. Martha study at the dorm alone, and she likes it. She like to be alone, studying, going to the Internet, anything she wants to do it alone. They both decided to study all night without sleep.

After 8:00PM, Susan went to her classmates’ dorm, and left Martha alone. When it’s almost 3:00AM, Susan just found out she forgot to bring her biologic book. She went back their dorm because it’s just about 5 minutes on foot. When she arrived the dorm, room 501, the light has been turn off, and it’s dark. Susan thought maybe Martha was sleeping. She just open the door quietly and try to find her book, but it’s so dark so she only can feel by her hands. Fortunately, she found the book, and she close the door carefully and left the dorm.The day has come, 8:00AM in the morning, the test will start at 9:00. Susan felt so tried, but she has to be hurry and back to her dorm to prepare. When she back to the dorm, there were a lot of police. She didn’t know why and the police refused her to enter. She said, "I live here, I need to get my stuff and go to a exam." the police man said, "alright, but hurry!!" She entered the dorm and walked toward her room.

There are more and more police men, and one stop her," hey, you can’t enter the door."

She said "but I live here."

police man said "what’s your room number?"

"501" she said.

The police man starry at her and said

"501? okay, here is a situation, I want you to be strong, very strong, I’ll show you something terrible. Can you do that?"

Susan has been frightened, but she said "yes, I can." with shaking.

The police man bring to her dorm and she saw a body laying on the ground. The police man moved the blanket and show the body to Susan. Susan cried and said

"that’s Martha!" and she run out of the room and couldn’t stop crying.

The police man said "are you alright? can I ask you a few questions? If you can’t right now that’s okay."

Susan said "Yes I can." and still shaking.

"Where were you last night?" the police man said.

"I was studying with my classmates all night….and…oh…I came back to get my book at 2:00AM". "Really? okay, wait here!". He called the detective to Susan.

The detective came to Susan and ask her "did you back to the dorm last night?"

"Yes, I went back to get my book."

"Did you see anything or heard anything?"

"No, I even didn’t turn on the light because I thought Martha might be sleep, and I don’t want to wake her up."

The detective was surprised, and he said to Susan "let me show you something, you should try to be strong, okay?"

Susan said "okay."

The detective bring Susan back to the room and there is a mirror on the wall covered by a jacket. He move the jacket, and the mirror had some words written by blood. It said "You must feel so lucky that you didn’t turn on the light, aren’t you?"


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