One condition with different expositions.

I don’t know what you are talking to me.

Do you ask me to be your connection?

Or else?

Ever, I really want to have a well talking with you in recent days.

In your place, my place, or restaurant outside, that’s fine.

that’s not the key question.

THE THINGS I WANT TO KNOW is that why these happened to me?

Why did he blame you a lot for guilty? what did he for?

What happened between you two? Did any sorry i did again?

Maybe you’ll deny my "invitation" as before.

That’s ok. That’s fine.

I won’t feel depressive again.

It won’t change anything as you’ve worried for.

Because i am a losser in that game, right?

A thing i must confess you that i did not know the relation betwwen you.

As you thought, i was a sheep running into the dark forest suddenly.

Before, i thought that keeping in obscure  is the best strategy among us.But now I know, it’s wrong. It means that I don’t have any courage to face the reality. I really want to know what and why those happened to me. And i’d also like to know these lessons for me. Because they are so precious that I’ll value them a lot. Now, only you can give me the reality, because i don’t believe any words he said about you two again. Just like you seen, like you believe, I’ll keep the distance that you’ve asked  me DO NOT to cross.

The price i had paid before, something i should gain now.

How do you think?  


About alwayscola18

*Always be misunderstood. *Majored in business administration, but contributing to satisfaction of primary living needs. *Prefer to speak out, and enjoy silence. *A Mandarin speaker, but not a grand-China nationalist; a Hokkien dialect speaker, but not an aggressive grass-root activist; an English reader, but not negative to my homeland; a baby Christian, but not a confrontationist to the God of earth. *With personalities of patience, cleverness, discernment, toleration, self-confidence, and friendliness.
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